Why Solar Street Lights over Conventional lights?

Solar street lights are street lights that draws power from the solar panels during the day time and automatically runs during the night time.

Solar lights can be battery based and such solar lights are as stand alone solar street light system. It stores   electricity generated by solar panel in solar battery. Solar LED street light is powered by photo-voltaic panel, generally mounted on the light structure or integrated in the pole itself.

There is also another type of street light called integrated solar street light. In both type of street lights, the photo-voltaic panel charge solar battery during day time, which powers LED lamp during night.

Solar street lights come with  with dusk to dawn sensors, which automatically switch-on the light in evening and off in the morning.

What are the Benefits of Solar Light?

Solar street lights are preferred now a days as it decreases our dependence on coal powers electricity taking the advantage of abundantly available sunlight.

Along with highly efficient LED lights Solar street lights consume very less energy and can be powered by small capcaity Sola PV panels .

Solar street lights are Environment Friendly as they replace Conventional Sodium vapour and Metal hilide light which contain mercury. A guarantee of 80% lumens and maintenance even at the end of 50,000 hours of operation. These solar LED street light ranges offers a number of environmental advantages over other types of lighting.

Lower greenhouse gas emission: The DOE estimates rapid adoption of LED over the next 20 years can eliminate 258 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle: Solar LED products are made using a total of 20-25% (by weight) post consumer recycled materials. Seventy percent (by weight) of LED components are aluminum castings and extrusions that are readily recyclable. Corrugated packaging is 100% recyclable.

Solar Lights use less energy: Because street light applications are generally use 40-60% less energy compared to traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) products. So, these products are energy efficient.

Optic Product Technology: Optic is a direct-refractor that minimizes light losses and provides superior target performance. Light from LED is directed where it’s intended, without any waste.

Efficient thermal management : Proper thermal management is key to longevity. Each light bar is mounted to heat sinks to assure LED’s are operating at the ideal temperature.


Feature of Solar LED Street Lights

Lenses are made of high quality optical grade PMMA material having very high average transmittance. They provide exceptional color mixing result with the highest efficiency, this is due to the careful engineering and precision manufacturing process.

Specialty in Solar Lights

Over the past decades, we’ve earned a reputation for being the premium provider of quality solar street light manufacturing. We do not compromise when it comes to designing, testing or manufacturing of our products. So, no wonder we are the undisputed leader in street light. As a leader in solar lights, we have improved urban architecture and enriched its quality.

Our system approach integrates the best available LED, driver technology, optics and style into each solar light. Form and function meet to ensure trouble-free fixtures that reduce energy consumption, maximize lumens per watt and extend life. Luminaries are committed to providing you with the total package efficiency, performance, longevity and design.

Why to use solar lights?

The effect of global warming was very recently felt in the Earthquake & the Tsunami in Japan. As leaders in outdoor lighting we are driven by the challenge of providing a environment friendly technology and focus on a more sustainable solution of renewable energy to our society.

Solar LED street light address the situation to the best. To begin with, LED light use far less power than their old-fashioned counterparts and last for a considerable longer time, thus being more economical and environment friendly.

In addition, the quality of the light  actually produced by solar LED light  is  far  superior  than conventional lights.  Conventional lights still mostly produce that yellow orange light, which does not allow very  high definition  visibility.

Employing LED technology, on the other hand, can create a much more powerful, crisper white light of far higher quality, significantly improving visibility and color rendition.

FAQs about Solar Street Lights

What should be the distance between the two poles?

The standard distance between the two poles should be 12 meter to 15 meter (2.5 to 3 times to the length of the pole). Short height poles should be install near and longer the poles should install after a gap.


What if it is cloudy outside for several days?

Solar panel will work even in cloudy weather. However, there will be solar battery which will provide you 18 to 24 hours backup. But the power generated by solar panel will be lower than its original capacity in cloudy days.


What should be the optimum height of solar street lights?

The height of pole in street light depends upon its use. For sidewalks and bike riding it should be 4.5 to 5 meter, for residential, parks and gardens it should be 8 to 10 meter and for commercial and industrial purpose it should be 10 to 12 meter long.


Where can I use solar street lights?

A solar PV street light can be used at many places. You can use it for schools, residence, parks, grounds, commercial purpose. These solar lights can also be used at road sides and national highways as well.


Do I need to switch on or switch off it every day?

No, you don’t have to switch it on or off again and again. These solar lights turn on and off automatically.


How will the light know when to turn on and when off?

There are Dusk to Dawn inbuilt sensor in solar street lights. This sensor will automatically turn the lights on at evening and it will automatically turn the lights off at morning.


How much far can a solar street light illuminate?

The illumination area of a street light depends upon its standard height.


Is it necessary to fix solar panel just above the solar street pole?

It is not necessary to fix solar panel just above the street light’s pole. You can fix it at any shadow free space. In such case, long wires will be needed to connect solar panel with light.


What is average battery backup in solar PV lights?

In solar street light, batteries will provide you up to 24 hour long backup. If there is cloudy outside for some days than this backup will be used to provide power in street light.

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