Solar FAQs

Solar Photovoltaic System Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is aimed at providing you some answers to the most common questions you may have on solar photovoltaic technology before you purchase a solar system.

Q : Why choose solar photovoltaic energy?

Answer : A solar PhotoVoltaic (also known as PV) system can lower the cost of your electricity bills and reduces CO2 emissions. A PV module has no moving parts, and requires little maintenance other than the occasional clean.

Q: How much will it cost to buy?

Answer : It all depends on the size of your solar photovoltaic system. A 1kW system installed would cost between 65000.0 to 80000.0 while a 10kW PV system would cost about 6-7 lakhs. installed.

Please note that each project has its own roof/ground works, shipment costs and sometimes may require a feasibility study. If you need a quotation or, please call us on +91- 9800204879 or contact here

Q : Is the technology used in PV similar to the one used for a solar hot water system?

Answer : No. A solar PV module generates electrical power from sunlight. A Solar Hot Water (known as SWH) system heats water from sunlight directly.

Q : Do PV modules work on cloudy or rainy days?

Answer : Yes. PV will work under daylight conditions (whichever the conditions). The brighter the daylight there is, the better is the electrical generation becomes

Q : What happens if there is a tree or structure shading my PV module?

Answer : You will lose some of your electricity generation capacity. It is better to install your PV where there is no shadow cast. We at Urjos can help you in locating your PV in the best place for your project.

Q : Does PV work in cold weather?

Answer : Yes. In fact, if it is too hot, most solar PV will not perform as well. Because a PV module generates electricity from daylight and not heat, as may be perceived at times, PV works well in cold weather environments, if there is enough sunlight in the area.

Q : Do I need to clean my PV system?

Answer : If you are in a rainy area, then the rain should clean the majority of dust and dirt. otherwise you have to do it, so that sun light falls on the panels directly.

Q : How much electricity will my PV array produce?

Answer : This will depend on size of PV array and the location.

Q : Do I need to pay income tax for my PV system income?

Answer: NO. If you are a homeowner.
YES. If the solar PV system belongs to a business.

Q : Can I install the system myself?

Answer: PV system under 50kW need to be installed by an accredited installer if you want to receive the benefits of the Feed In Tariff. Beyond 50kW, you will need to get a company with expertise in solar installations so that you reduce your installation risk.

Q : How much land/roof do I need and how many panels?

Answer : This all depends on the size of the system you want to install. For example a small solar system of 1.3kW would need about 9 square meters.

Q : Can I sell my energy to the electricity grid?

Answer : Yes you can sell your solar PV produced electrical energy to the electricity grid.

Q : How much money will I be awarded for my PV systems production?

Answer : Similar to the wind, you need to know that there is a scheme called the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) for solar PV generation.

Q : How long will it take for a solar PV system to pay for itself?

Answer: It depends on the site location of the solar system. As a rule of thumb, it takes between 6 to 12 years.

Q : Do I need to set up anything with an electricity company to get a payment?

Answer: Yes. You have to apply and go on a contract with the grid/DISCOM to avail the benefit against the excess of electricity generated by you.

Q : What warranty is available?

Answer: Each PV manufacturer has their own warranty criteria, but many typically provide a 10 year guarantee as a starting point. Batteries and Inverters get around 3 – 5 years of warranty generally.

Q : What do if I want to buy or insttall a solar PV system?

Answer : Call us on +9800204879 with your needs or fill up the form by clicking here.

Q : Do I need any planning permission?

Answer: Most likely not. But planning departments may require planning permission under certain conditions for a solar photovoltaic system on an old house for instance. It is a good idea to speak to your local planning officers. We can support you through this process.

Q : How long will a PV system last?

Answer: A PV system will typically last for 20 to 25 years.

Have more question before purchasing a solar photovoltaic system?

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