Solar cells :A better source of conventional energy?

A Solar cell is a semi-conductor device that converts solar energy to electrical energy directly without going through any intermediate energy conversion process. Solar cell is the fundamental unit block of solar photo voltaic technology. Number of solar cells in the form of modules and panels are connected to generate the required amount of electricity.

Solar cells are connected to form a solar module, a number of solar modules are connected together to form  a PV arrays.

The electricity is conventionally generated by using coal energy, hydro energy or nuclear energy. One of the most common ways of generating electricity is using coal energy. A typical coal power plant involves burning of huge amount of coals in furnaces and the heat energy generated there is converted to mechanical and then into electrical energy with the help of generators. but the efficiency of this system is very less and only a fraction of energy is produced in comparison to the mass of coal burnt. Also part of the generated energy is lost during the transmission of the power from the thermal plants to the household for use. Along with wastage of energy there is much concern for environment pollution due to the production of smoke, CO2, CO, Sulphur   and other chemical and carcinogenic substances as end products.

It is also to keep in mind that coal is present in limited amount on the earth and the sources are depleting quite fast. This leads us to look for alternate energy.

One of the modern ways of generating electricity is using solar cells or solar Photo-voltaic technology that converts sunlight into electricity.

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