L&T Three Phase HTCT Meter ER300P Product features

L&T 3 phase HTCT bidirectional meter

L&T Three Phase HTCT Meter ER300P is a 3 Phase CT Operated Trivector Meter is designed for metering of HT consumers and for feeders. This meter has advanced data and tamper recording capabilities and is provided with communication ports.

The software is available for data collection, load survey analysis and energy management applications. The meter can be interfaced to a variety of communication devices.


This meter has 3 Phase 4 Wire connection type and satisfies Standards viz. IS 14697, IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-22, CBIP 325.

The meter has an accuracy Class of Cl 0.5S / Cl 0.2S.

It operates under rated Voltage of 3 x 63.5V (P-N) with a Voltage Variation -40% to +20%
It has a Current Rating of -/1A -/5A and Starting Current 0.1% of basic current with
Accuracy up to 200% of basic current.

Operated Frequency is 50Hz with Frequency Variation -5% to +5%.

The Operating Temperature for this meter is -10ºC to +55ºC.

The meter has Ingress Protection rating of IP 51 which implies that the meter will provide protection against dust ingress to a limited extent and and protection against vertically falling drops of water or condensation.

The meter shows parameters  like Instantaneous Phase wise voltages and currents, system PF, active power, reactive power and apparent power, Frequency, Phase sequence, Total harmonic distortion, Energy Measurement 4 quadrant measurement of kWh, kVArh, and kVAh,  Maximum Demand kW and kVA along with date and time, Time of Day Up to 8 registers, profiles and seasons

The meter from L&T has LCD display of 8 digit backlit display,  Display mode, Auto scroll, push button and high resolution modes, LED Pulse LEDs for kWh and kVArh.

Other features include Day wise energies, Load survey profile Tariff wise energies Display and data reading in absence of power. This meter also has advanced features like Tamper detection and Bi-directional energy consumption recording (What is a Bi-directional Meter), Data security,  Multi-level password for data reading and programming.

The meter has Electrically isolated optical port as per IEC62056-21 for communication. it also has Optional communication Interface RS 232 / RS 485 and supports Protocols IEC / DLMS / MODBUS /

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