How to choose the right water heater for your kitchen?

We live in a tech upgrading world and there are constant upgrades with appliances as well. Kitchen appliances and water heaters for the kitchen is one of them. Hot water in a workplace like a kitchen is a must for many reasons, whether it’s for cleaning, sanitising cutlery and crockery or even just making a cup of coffee. Choosing the right water heater can bring the change you are looking for so let us take a look at how we can do so.

• If you are using the water heater in the kitchen and the usage is less than a 6 to 10 litres storage may be good enough. A storage water heater has a large storage tank. With the large storage tank, they tend to occupy a lot of space. A storage water heater takes about a few minutes to heat the water entirely before it is ready to be used. Storage water heaters lose some heat through the tank walls even though the tank is insulated. The ultimate purpose should always be to heat optimum water to save electricity. A storage water heater has a short, and one has to refill the tank regularly.

• Instant water heaters are a perfect solution as they do not have any storage leaving behind the chance of extra heating water or wasting hot water. The unit consumption of electricity is to the point, and hence the wastage of water is lesser. An instant water heater heats the water instantly and makes it available for immediate use. They may or may not have storage capacity, and if they do, they have a small storage tank in comparison. As they are smaller and compact, they don’t take a lot of space which is one of the primary reasons people tend to go for instant water heaters. One can save electricity as these water heaters have a thermostat. A thermostat is a component which senses the temperature of the system and performs actions so that the system’s temperature is maintained at a desired set point.

A brief comparison list: Instant water heaters vs Storage water heaters

1. Instant water heaters occupy a small mounting area whereas Storage Heater occupies a large one.

2. An Instant water heater has a cut off period. It releases at 6 lts of water at max whereas Storage Heater has a continuous flow without any cut-offs

3. There is a direct flow of warm water once you switch on the instant water heater whereas a Storage heater takes about 5 to 10 minutes to heat up.

4. An instant heater has a continuous hot water supply whereas a Storage heater has a limited amount. It heats only as much as storage capacity.

5. Instant water heaters are easy to pocket whereas Storage water heaters higher your utility bill.

Deciding between the two is a challenging decision to make, but as we look upon the details, an Instant water heater overall looks the best for a kitchen as it is less tedious and keeps the bills in the margin.

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