How does a Solar Lantern work?

solar lanternSolar lantern is a simple application of solar photo voltaic technology, which has found good acceptance in rural regions where the power supply is irregular and scarce. Even in the urban areas people prefer a solar lantern as an alternative during power cuts because of its simple mechanism.

A Solar Lantern is a portable lighting device consisting of a PV module, battery, lamp, and
electronics. Battery, lamp, and electronics are placed in a suitable housing, made of metal or plastic or fiber glass. The Solar lantern is suitable for either indoor or outdoor lighting, covering a full range of 360 degrees.

solar Lantern is made of three main components – the solar PV panel, the storage battery and the lamp. The operation is very simple. The solar energy is converted to electrical energy by the SPV panel and stored in a sealed maintenance-free battery for later use during the night hours. A single charge can operate the lamp for about 4-5 hours.

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