‘GoSun Chill’ – The Solar Cooler

What is ‘GoSun Chill’?

GoSun Chill is a portable cooler cum fridge designed by GoSun to keep things like food, beer or cold drinks chilled in outdoors. The Chill is basically an off-grid solar refrigerator that does not make any noise. Its small, portable, light weight and quite efficient.

‘GoSun Chill’ features

The cooler tkes the energy generated from solar panels. Solar panels are provided by the firm in a bundle along with the cooler, the product also has a backup of 12 Volt and AC power supply. The chill is capable of keeping food and drinks chilled and frozen for hours.

It has a Touch-screen gives you control from -4°F to 68°F. It has a built in unit to make ice in case you need them. It has an in-built  powerbank that keeps on chargin using the solar panel which can be used to charge your cell phones , laptops, and other items.

The GoSun Chill has a power back up time of 14-hour runtime.
Benefits of using ‘GoSun Chill’
The Fridge has a capacity of 40 Liters which is quite sufficient for your regular outings.

Besides keeping food and drinks cold for up to 24 hours, is also capable of charging electronic devices. The refrigerator also has enough cooling to make ice if needed.

The solar cooler is available at a discounted price of 599 USD at the firm’s website.

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