Document required for getting subsidy for the installation of Roof top solar plant

Here is the checklist of document required for release of subsidy provided by Govt. for the installation of spv power plant.

  1. Joint Commissioning Report.
  2. Copy of the invoice signed by the beneficiary.
  3. Copy of Aadhar Card of the applicant.
  4. Proof of Identity address of the user (Self attested copy of these: Voter ID, Electricity Bill, Government I-Card.
  5. Copy of Warranty Certificate-cum-Comprehensive Maintenance as per Performa below  
  6. Copy of Electricity bills.
  7. Wind speed Certificate of 170km/h above  25 KW capacity Plants.
  8.  For Institutions Certificate under Society Act to be submitted dully signed by Head of Organization .CA certificate also required.
  9. Proof for social/ NGO organization document required.
  10. Print apply for subsidy Performa from net metering website

The above said documents should be sequence wise and in above said order.

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