Amazon to open its checkout-free ‘Amazon Go’ grocery stores in New York Inc said it is planning to open its checkout-free ‘Amazon Go‘ grocery store in New York, expanding beyond Seattle where it is headquartered.

The Amazon Go store, which will have no cashiers at the checkout counter and allows shoppers to buy things with the help of a smartphone app.

“We plan to open Amazon Go in New York,” an Amazon spokesperson said, but did not say when.

With the Amazon Go store app customers have to scan a barcode or image to enter the store. Once inside, cameras and sensors track what they pick up from the shelves and what they put back. Amazon then bills shoppers’ credit cards saved on the app or amazon account after they checkout.

In January, the company opened its first concept store in Seattle and now has three in the city. It said in May there are plans to expand to Chicago and San Francisco as well.

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